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Welcome to Tipo Cup 2012 and Szélrózsa Night Orienteering!

TIPO Tájfutó és Környezetvédő Egyesület, 1133 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 52. és
Tájoló Erdei és Tájékozódási Sportok Alapítvány 1122 Budapest, Határőr út 53/a.

Stratis Vezetői és Informatikai Tanácsadó Kft.
Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. Bajnai Erdészet

Organizing Committee:
President: Tamás Tóth
Vice president: Miklós Bogdány
Secretary: Zoltán Miháczi
Course Setters:
- László Faggyas (Tipo Cup Day 1)
- Gábor Baracsi (Tipo Cup Day 2)
- Ágnes Wengrin (Tipo Cup Day 3)
- Zoltán Miháczi (Tipo Cup Relay)
- Tamás Tóth (Szélrózsa Night Orienteering)
- Antal Peics (Tipo Cup Day 1)
- Róbert Goldmann and Antal Peics (Tipo Cup Day 2)
- Róbert Goldmann (Tipo Cup Day 3)
- Róbert Goldmann (Tipo Cup Relay)
- Antal Peics (Szélrózsa Night Orienteering)
Accomodation: Miklós Bogdány
Start: Vilmos Lengyel
Finish: Eszter Tóth
Courses: László Ipsics
SPORTident: Zoltán Miháczi
Technical: László Pap
Doctor: Edina Hladics
Speaker: Árpád Kocsik


Competition Centre (CC): (Pusztamarót camp, 47° 41' 18"N, 18° 31' 12"E)
Getting there: from Budapest via Budakeszi – Páty – Zsámbék – Szomor – Bajna, from Bajna towards Nyergesújfalu, after about 5 kms turn left (W) at the signs. It takes about 15-20 minutes from here along the dirt road to reach the CC. In the CC we provide tents to change, mobile WCs and shower possibilities. Hot and cold meals and drinks are available on all 3 days.

Please follow the instructions of the parking personnel. Distance between the parking area and the CC 100-300 meters. The area of the CC is private property, please keep it in mind.

The areas of the Historical monument and the cemetery are open for visiting only.

Local transport:
There will be no organised local transport, but if you have problems reaching the CC, please let us know in advance or at the registration.

In the CC on Friday, April 27.19:00-20:00 o’clock, on Saturday, April 28 9:30-11:00 o’clock. On days 2 and 3 at 8:30-9:30 o’clock.

Detailed entries for the relay on Sunday to be presented by 12:30 the same day.

Start numbers:
Start numbers are to be worn visibly on all 3 days of Tipo Cup and the Tipo Relay. No start numbers in the Open categories.

Those staying in the cottages or at the camp site will receive an armband, to be worn till the end of the 3day event. Both cottages and the campsite are located in the CC. (See map below.) No bedclothing provided in the cottages.

Szélrózsa Night Orienteering:
One-day night competition, national ranking event.

Tipo Cup:
Three-day national ranking event. Day 1 long distance, Day 2 middle distance, Day 3 long distance with chasing start.

Category M50A:
On the first day of Tipo Cup an additional M50AH class will be organised as the Hungarian Long Distance Championships in this category (due to unfortunate mishappenings at the Champs a few weeks earlier). Therefore the chasing start on Day 3 will be calculated based on the results of the joint M50A on Day 2.

Tipo Cup Relay:
3x2 system, where all three runners of each team run 2 different courses (Courses A and B). The Leg 1 runner will take Leg 4, Leg 2 runner will run Leg 5 and Leg 3 runner will take Leg 6. All legs are between 2.3-2.5 kms. Teams of any combination, regardless of age or sex, may compete.

Open categories:
Open categories start from a separate start corridor on all three days. Any starting time possible with at least 1 min. time-gap between two runners, during the starting period. Starting tickets received at registration are to be presented at the start. No chasing start on Day 3.

Category changes:
Due to lack of entries no W65 category will be organized. On the Szélrózsa Night event the following categories were removed: M16B to M18B, M40A to M35A, M50A to M45A, M60A to M55A, W16B to W18B, while W21Br, W35A and W70A won’t be organised.

CC - Start distance:
Szélrózsa Night-O: 650 m / 20 m blue-white marking.
Tipo Cup Day 1: Dislocated Finish area On the way from CC to Start. CC – Finish: 1400 m, Finish – Start 900m, 5m along blue-white marking.
Tipo Cup Day 2: 1250 m /85 m blue-white marking.
Tipo Cup Day 3: 1900 m /60 m blue-white marking.
Chase start untill minute 30 of each category. Entering start corridor 4 minutes before start.

On Day 1 of Tipo Cup the Finish is not in the CC, about 1400 m from the CC. We will take the maps till the last starting time and will give them back later that day. E-card checking and results at the CC!
Finish area

Relays arrive to Finish area from two different directions. Runners approaching last controll will be visible from the Finish area. Information will be available from last before controll point.

Planned starting times:
Szélrózsa Night-O: 21:00
Tipo Cup Day 1: 12:00
Tipo Cup Day 2: 10:00
Tipo Cup Relay on Sunday 14:00
Tipo Cup Day 3: 10.00
Chasing start start times available in the CC after Day 2.

Running times:
Szélrózsa Night-O: 150 mins,
Tipo Cup Day 1: 180 mins,
Tipo Cup Day 2: 90 mins,
Tipo Cup Day 3: 150 mins.
Tipo Cup Relay: 60 mins/course.

Typical Central-European moderately hilly terrain located 300-500 metres above see level. Oak forest with good runability and visibility, lots of vegetation features like rootstocks, clearings and small thick undergrowth. Locally steep slopes with cliffs and rock boulders require demanding orienteering technique.

1:10.000/5m, on the Relay 1:7.500/5m,alapszintköz5 m, corrected and revised in 2011-12 according to IOF standards. All maps laminated, no cover required.

Attention! On Day 3 some of the courses cross a fence that is marked by ISOM 707, to be crossed only at the marked gates (ISOM 708). Please be sure not to cross the fence at any other location.

Map sample with "Not to cross fence"

There are some dangerous cliffs and fences on the terrain, please be prepared and careful!
Special map symbols

On the map. Extra spare symbols available in the Start. At the Relay symbols only on the map.

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used. Manual punchers at the controls to be used in case the SPORTident failed to work.

All runners receive refreshment drinks after finishing their courses. On Days 1 and 3 refreshment points will be available for longer courses.

There will be awards for the top 3 in all age classes. Night-O and Relay will be awarded separately. No prizes are awarded in Open categories.

Prize giving ceremony:
Szélrózsa Night-O 23:30
Tipo Cup Relay on Sunday at 16:30
Tipo Cup on Day 3 at 13:00


  • No dogs allowed on the terrain, at the CC only on leash.

  • Children’s courses on all 3 days near the CC.

  • The participants agree to publishing any photos and videos taken at the event, both printed and electronic, including the Internet.

  • In case of emergency call +36 30 931 0272 or +36 20 920 8574.

Mobil-O Information

Competition: Day and Night courses.

Registration and Start: 2012. April 28.12:00 through 22:00. Night runners will be awarded separately.

Categories: Day and Night, Women pairs, Men pairs, Mix pairs and Mobile-O Plus.

Entry fee: 1000 Ft/pair. Payment at registration.

Map: 1:7.500, 5m contour intervall.

Course 'A': 1930 m / 40 m / 7 controlls
Course 'B': 1640 m / 40 m/ 7controlls

T-Mobile cellphones and SIM-cards to be rented for free!

Results on Mobile-O Facebook page.

Further information: At location and

Everybody takes part in the competition at their own risks!