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Event center:
Gyöngyöstarján (Borhy castle) in the Mátra mountains, 85 kms East from Budapest and 100 kms West from Miskolc, where WOC is going to be held in August 2009.

1-3. May 2009

Day 1: long (classic) distance event
Day 2: long (classic) distance event (WRE)
Day 3: middle distance event

Steep slopes, deep canyons, mostly good runnability

1:15 000 and 1:10 000 / 5 m, according to IOF standards, supervised in 2008-2009. Part of the map is totally new, this area has never been used for orienteering before.

E-mail address:
Postal address: Miháczi Zoltán, György street 35, 2030 Érd, Hungary
Fax: +36 1 / 221-9974

No entries are accepted via phone! Entries sent by e-mail will be confirmed in two working days (if not confirmed, please repeat).
Entry per day is also possible.
Please don’t forget to include in the registration mail your SI card number, category, chosen competition days (if not all 3), accommodation need (per day). Note! Registration means payment commitment!

Entry deadline:
31st March 2009 (posting date) with discount
17th April 2009 (only via e-mail) normal price
24th April 2009 2 pm with penalty
Once the starting times have been distributed, entries are accepted for the vacant places only. No entry fee for children’s competition!

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used. E-cards can be rented on the spot (EUR 1/day), leaving a deposit of EUR 50. If you are intending to use your own e-card please inform the organizers of its registration number.

Entry fee:


31st March

17th April

24th April

On the day
of the event



400 HUF

600 HUF

600 HUF

M/W12CD, 14 BC, M70, 75, 80,  W55, 60, 65

700 HUF

900 HUF

1000 HUF

1500 HUF

Other categories (except Open)

1400 HUF

1800 HUF

2000 HUF

2500 HUF

Br (B short) categories

1400 HUF

1800 HUF

1800 HUF

1800 HUF


500 HUF

600 HUF

600 HUF

600 HUF

Dormitory rooms in Mátrafüred (4-6-8 person/room): 2300 Ft/person/night. Should be reserved at the same time with the registration.
Rooms with bathroom for 2-3-4 persons: in Borthy castle right besides the finish area (5000 Ft/person/night in the double rooms, 4000 Ft/person/night in the others). Should be reserved before 31st March.
Gym at Gyöngyöstarján: 600 Ft/person/night.
Other kind of accommodation should be arranged individually.

The first 3 of all classes (except Open category) will be awarded special prizes.

Planned first start:
Day 1: 12.30
Day 2: 10.00
Day 3: 10.00

Additional programs:
1st May 2009: micrOsprint from 14:30
2nd May 2009: mobile-O from 11:00

Village of Gyöngyöstarján

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